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G’Day. Peter here from Northside Automotive in Everton Hills.

Do your car brakes squeak, grind or squeal? It may be time to have them checked by a professional mechanic.

At Northside Automotive, we understand that your safety and that of your passenger’s, is the most important thing to you. Because of this, it is crucial for you to be familiar with the noises you hear and what they can mean for the condition of your car and your peace of mind. What sounds are normal and what can signal damage or wear?

I know I’ve said it before, but if you are unsure always check with your mechanic. We service all the Everton Hills area including Arana Hills, Ferny Hills, Keperra, Enogerra and surrounds. We are never far away if you get in strife.

  • Driving Conditions

The noises your car makes can be indications that your brakes’ lifespan may be shortening. The different conditions in which you drive will determine the longevity of the brakes. Car brakes will often give you warning sounds when their retirement is near, squeaking or scraping can mean wear and tear caused by:

  • hard braking
  • heavy loads
  • towing

The environmental conditions you drive through also affect your brake life, including:

  • sand and dust
  • moisture and humidity
  • debris

To determine the differences between normal and common sounds of car brakes, as opposed to deterioration, keep a log of your service intervals and maintain regular visual inspections by a mechanic.

  • Rotor Rust

A common cause for grinding car brakes, this occurs when moisture is collected on the surface of your brake rotors. Consistent, or even overnight exposure to rain and other elements can lead to rusty rotors; causing the squeak when it’s scraped against the leading edge of the brake pads. This squeak will persist until the rust is eliminated.

The removal procedure of resistant rust is best done by a professional as it’s also important to determine any continued grinding after the removal. Although a relatively normal circumstance, it’s best to prevent by parking undercover or in a garage.

  • Thinning Brake Pads

A squealing sound is a cause for concern, and often indicates the wearing down of your car’s brake pads. When your pads begin to thin out, the scraping of steel tabs on the road makes a distinct screeching noise. This is an indication the pads are in need of some brake servicing and for optimum condition and safety measures; replacement.

To maintain the standard of your vehicle, if you do have any concerns about the different sounds your car makes; always be sure to get a mechanic’s observation and opinion.

Depending on the different make and model of your car, alternate solutions are required to suit your car.

It may be as simple as lubricating your Drum brakes or prioritising safety and efficiency by purchasing up-to-standard brake pads to avoid higher metal content material, that causes drag on the rotor.

Whatever the needs of your brakes, Northside Automotive can assist with your car services and repairs.

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Come in and see me and my experts in auto repairs and mechanics. We can answer any questions about any of your concerns or interests, from brakes to windshield wipers.

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