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June 2013 – 1999 Nissan Patrol

Just wanted to let people out there know how good this stuff is. I was running my North Lakes mechanical store on this day and a regular customer rang me on his way to Maleny. He didn’t think he was going to make it. Harry was driving his 1999 model Patrol with the 4 find here.2 lt. turbo diesel engine. It was blowing smoke, and power was way down. I told him to drop in to have it checked out. I replaced the fuel filter – dirty, but no real improvement. So we ran the “ENVIROTEK” Injector Cleaner as a concentrate with the on-car machine to see if this would improve things before we resorted to major work. Blow me down if it didn’t fix it almost immediately. All the smoke was gone and the motor ran sweetly. The customer was blown away, and couldn’t believe something could work that quickly. I told him it was my secret weapon and not to tell everyone. He left for Maleny and rang when he arrived a short time later. He said power was fully restored and the Patrol pulled up the range better than ever.
We use and recommend “ENVIROTEK” fuel cleaner for diesel and petrol models (separate products), on every service we perform, and use it in conjunction with the Engine Flush – customers get a great running car back every time.