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Facts about selling or buying a vehicle:

Many times we see vehicles booked in for safety certificates when the car is already sold to someone else. The seller has waited to sell the vehicle before getting a roadworthy/safety certificate. Besides breaking the law it also invariably leads to conflict between seller and buyer, if the vehicle doesn’t pass the inspection and repairs are required for it to pass.

Repairs cost money and if a sale price has already been negotiated, the buyer will invariable argue it’s not his responsibility because the buyer was assured the vehicle would “breeze” through the inspection.

Facts you should know about selling a vehicle in QLD :

To sell a registered vehicle it must have a safety certificate. Safety certificates are valid for 2months or 2000km, whichever occurs first.

If the vehicle fails the safety certificate, the repairs need to be done within 2 weeks otherwise the car has to have another safety certificate done.

Buyer bewares – Questions you should ask before buying a vehicle:

When answering an ad to buy a motor vehicle make sure it has a current safety certificate?

What is the date punched out to show when the certificate was issued?

We recommend a third party to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase to answer any questions about the current status of the vehicle check my source.

We can provide for safety certificates and pre purchase inspections.

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