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Pollen filters 2

Pollen filters 3

What is an aircon Pollen Filter and why should you have one fitted in your car?

The aircon system works in your car by sucking air through the evaporator at ZERO degrees. This means that the unit sucks air from the outside of the car and blows it into the car. Because of this leaves, dirt, pollution and many other horrible things are sucked into the cars aircon system leaving it clogged and smelly. This also means that you are breathing all of the pollution every time you turn on your aircon.

The first two images are images of air conditioning evaporator that needed to be replaced because it did not have a filter on it. The last image shows how the pollen filter collects dust, leaves and other rubbish before it reaches your evaporator.

The pictures above are a perfect illustration of what you are breathing, and it is nasty.

With the filter fitted it is a simple job to remove the filter and replace with a new one. The filter usually cost approximately $45 – $55 depending on the make and model of your car.

As a comparison, the first image represents an air conditioning filter which did not have a filter fitted and which needed to be replaced at a cost of $600. For some vehicles this job can cost as much as $1100 depending on how hard it is to remove the unit from the dash of the car.

In some instances the entire dash needs to be removed, making this a time consuming and costly repair.

Can you imagine suddenly having no aircon in this weather? You’d go out and buy a new car.