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We had a MAZDA serviced (BT50 4WD, 2009 model) at the workshop this week. This is a 3L Turbo Diesel with a leaking head gasket issue caused by a water pump malfunction. This story is a perfect example of how quickly small problems can escalate into critical ones.

In the case of this Mazda, the owner noticed that the engine was running hotter than normal and that coolant was receding from the coolant reservoir. Thinking this was normal he topped the coolant up regularly to keep the engine temperature under control.

The problem was that the water pump was leaking at the seal, leading to a loss of coolant within the system. Eventually, this caused the Mazda’s engine to overheat. This problem can cause one of the major gaskets of the engine to fail and leak coolant into the combustion chambers where only fuel/air should be present.

Because coolant is a liquid and can’t be compressed, further serious damage to the conrod took place, bending it and preventing it from begin able to and compress the fuel properly.

The end result was an engine rebuild job and a very expensive repair.

DID YOU KNOW: Petrol is liquid when it is put into your car and stored into your petrol tank, however when it is drawn or pumped into your engine it is a vapour or mist? This is called atomisation.

If you notice your engine running hotter than normal, don’t top up the coolant, get the problem checked, particularly if you have a diesel car engine. The problem could be minor and easy to fix in the early stages, but can quickly become a costly issue.

Better safe than sorry. Poor old Mazda, luckily, in this case, she’ll be back on the road again soon.

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