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What is a vehicle log book?

Have you just bought a new car? Then you must have heard the term, “log book servicing”. But what does log book servicing mean? As a car owner it is imperative that you clearly understand the term, “log book servicing”. A log book service typically means a broad service of your car as per the specifications of your vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle log book guides a mechanic the parts of the car need attention at the specific service interval. Proper log book servicing of your car ensures that the statutory warranty of your car is protected and your car stays in top-notch condition.

Why do you need to maintain your car log book?

There are several benefits to getting your car serviced at regular intervals besides protecting the warranty of the car and maintaining the car’s best possible condition. If you are worried about going to your local mechanic for your new car servicing, then you must read our blog post on whether your car warranty can be voided if you don’t go to your dealer for servicing, You have the right to choose where you would like to take your car for servicing and your new car warranty won’t be voided for this!

Regular servicing of your car ensures increased driving safety. This is because regular services allow for easy identification of potential problems before they become an issue. Essential checks are carried out to critical vehicle components like the brake system and suspension of the car to ensure that these parts do not let you down when you need them the most and your car remains in the best road worthy condition. Remember that as per road law enforceable by the police , it is the driver’s responsibility, ( not just the owner) , to ensure the vehicle is road worthy at all times. It is risky to wait more than six months  and negligence is no defence

Another benefit of regular car services is that it extends the lifespan of the car. This is because all the parts are checked to ensure that they continue performing as they should.

Proper servicing of the car will also help you save some money. Regular services not only help you to detect potential problems early but increases your car’s fuel efficiency. Old and sludgy oil reduces your car’s fuel economy and early detection of problems spare you from shelling out huge amounts on the repair before it becomes critical.

Maintaining your car log book is important because there are risks involved if you fail to do so. One of the potential risks of irregular servicing is the build up of oil sludge in your car’s engine. Oil sludge is a gel like substance that sticks to the engine parts and blocks the oil galleries. The result is the prevention of normal flow of oil through the engine.

Mechanics recommend that your car be serviced at least every six months to ensure optimum performance, even if your vehicle log book suggests twelve month intervals. Can you imagine if there was a problem with your brakes at the five month mark and you didn’t catch it at six months? This can be devastating! Therefore a six monthly service will help you to catch any issues early, keep you on the road and keep you safe.

Along with regular servicing of your car there are things you can do yourself to keep your car in a top-notch condition. For instance, a quick check of your engine belts, the fuel economy of your car along with the oil level and coolant level of the vehicle.

Last but not the least, always ensure that your car is serviced by qualified mechanics and it is serviced as per the specifications provided by the manufacturer at a minimum.

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Take care of your car by maintaining your vehicle log book and stay safe!