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Log book Services may be considered a necessary evil these days, but we can soften the blow. Each day we provide service estimates for people enquiring about a log book service for their vehicle.

The team at Northside Automotive Everton Hills boast being able to carry out your log book service and the new vehicle warranty for your car or 4WD is unaffected. Most customers employ our services because of our location, and our expertise, however we know price is important also.

Feel free to ring us and compare the price your dealership has given you for your up and coming service. Ours is usually cheaper, not because we leave things out or use inferior products, it’s just because our labour rate will normally be less than a big dealership, it is that simple.

You see every Log Book Service will estimate a time that a service should take. Say you need a big service that will take 4 hours. It is our understanding that most dealerships operate at no less than $120/hour, to do the service with us you will save approx $84 generic sildenafil citrate.00 because of the difference in the Labour rate. Savings plus being closer and convenient means more and more people are bringing their car to us. Please consider us for you next Log book service.

For more information or to book your car in call 3353 6939