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Lemon with your Carona (virus)?

Over the last few weeks we have seen strange panic and behaviour from our fellow Aussies. Panic over supplies running dry has caused stockpiling of essential goods with supermarket shelves stripped bare.
It seems that nothing is off-limits to the media and now the papers are reporting that we will see a shortage of car parts in the coming months…
We wanted to say – don’t believe everything you read. Our business is running as usual, you’re probably driving your car as usual. Parts are still aplenty and we are here to service and repair your vehicle.
It is also a good time to remind you that regular servicing of your vehicle is just like washing your hands… prevents inconvenient, expensive and in some cases life-threatening circumstances.
So don’t leave your service to the last minute and wind up, up (the) creek without any toilet paper.
And remember, lemons belong in your beer, not your garage.
Give us a call.