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So you’ve noticed a nail or screw stuck in your tyre. What do you do? Should you pull it out? Maybe the nail is embedded deep and is blocking the hole, holding the air in. Maybe you should just leave it. We’ve all had it happen and it’s a pain in the…tyre. Similarly, we’re all hoping for a quick and affordable repair, because no one wants to have to replace a tyre.

To clarify whether you can repair a tyre with a puncture or replace it, here’s the simple answer.

Nails and screws can cause different degrees of damage to your tyre. Depending on the spot that the nail is embedded and the depth of the puncture, some cases may be repairable, where others will require a replacement. So how do you know if it can be fixed?


  • Size of the puncture is small. About 5mm in diameter or less, means the hole can be patched.
  • Puncture culprit is a small screw, bolt or nail. Generally a small hole can be repaired, but this doesn’t mean a repair is optional. Get it done right away to prevent your car tyre from blowing out. Blowouts can be very dangerous.
  • Placement of puncture. If the hole is positioned between the two shoulders of the tyre and it is small enough, it can generally be fixed.


A puncture is repaired by placing a patch over the affected area. To do this the tyre needs to be removed, deflated and carefully inspected inside and outside. Once it is determined that the tyre is fixable, the area is carefully cleaned and the patch is applied. Once completed the tyre is reattached and inflated.


Large puncture. If you have a huge deep hole in your tyre, it’s time for a new one. Large holes are not able to be effectively pathed as too much air will escape and the integrity of the tyre will be compromised.

Damage to the internal part of the tyre. Safety is the main priority, so if you have a deep puncture, the internal part of the tyre may be compromised making the tyre ineffective and unsafe. This means a repair is not possible.

Position of the hole. If the side wall of the tyre is damaged it can’t be foxed. The sidewalls are critical in the performance and safety of the tyres and cannot be repaired.

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