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It’s hot! This year our summer has reached some of the highest temps in history with Queensland topping out at 49.3 °C at Birdsville. Temperatures like that mean intense heat and sun exposure for your vehicle.

So what can you do to make sure that your car is operating at its best in these hot temperatures? The last thing you want is for your car to overheat leaving you stranded, or for your interiors to fade and dull. Here are some simple tips to keep you on the road and your car in good nick.

Make sure your aircon is working properly

It’s ironic that the aircon usually fails when you need it most. After a cool winter when you’ve had no need for your aircon, the filter and the aircon system may need a service. This is a quick and easy job that can be done during your regular car maintenance and service program. Check if your repairer offers aircon servicing and book in to have the system cleaned and the filter changed.

Check your coolant levels

Having a low coolant level can cause your car to overheat. Make sure that your coolant is filled to the correct level. You can check coolant levels yourself however it is important to do this safety. Check your manufacturer’s safety instructions before you do anything as this will provide you with the correct information for your make an model of car.

Never open the radiator cap when the car is hot. Doing this could result in boiling coolant or steam spluttering out and burning you. Always ensure the car is cool before you remove the cap. If the level is too low and you know what you are doing, top up the coolant, however if you are like most people, and do not have the knowledge and skills to do this, leave the coolant levels to your trusted independent repairer to maintain at each half-yearly services. Servicing your car regularly and maintaining the coolant levels will prevent the car from overheating in hot conditions.

Change the oil

Your oil may be in need of a change, make sure that your repairer explains to you whether they plan to change the oil in your engine at every service or if this needs to be changed and changed more frequently. Older cars may require more frequent oil changes, whereas newer cars with well-functioning engines may not require extra oil care.

Ensure your battery is healthy and operating well

Most car batteries have a life span of 3+ years. However because hot weather is harder on batteries this may reduce the life of your battery if you live in hot climates. Ask your mechanic to check your car batteries heath and age next time you service your car to make sure there is still life in the old girl.

Check your tyres

Check that your tyres aren’t worn, cracked or damaged. If they are, it may be time for a new set of tyres. The best way to keep your tyres in mint condition is to check tyre pressure and ensure all tyres have the same pressure at all times. This will stop uneven wearing of the tyres and increase their longevity. Having a regular wheel balance and alignment will also help.

Check and replace windscreen wipers

After many months of dry hot weather, your windscreen wiper blades may have dried out, making them hard and brittle. You can only imagine what happens when your caught in a heavy downpour and your windscreen wipers fail you. This can be a dangerous situation, so we advise you check the condition of your wiper blades and change them for new ones, or ask your repairer to do so at your next service. New blades will not only help you to see in wet weather, they will also protect your windscreen from getting scratched and damaged.

Protect your paint job and interiors

We are all guilty of skipping the wax job at the end of a car wash, however waxing your car can protect the paint from harsh sun and keep it looking new. Same goes for your interior panels and dash. Splash some protectant on it each time you clean your car to keep it protected from the sun.

Most car washes will offer a wax service and the DIY washes also have the option at the end of the wash and dry. Well maintained paint and interiors will also help to keep your cars value for when you are ready to sell.

Keep your car undercover

To prevent paint and interior wear from the sun, it is advised to keep your car undercover during the day. Keeping your car under cover will also protect your car body if an unexpected hail storm comes through. Many of you can remember the hail storm in Brisbane in 2014 when thousands of cars were damaged. We can only sympathise with the residents of the ACT who experienced a similar weather event in January 2020.

So there you have it, a few simple tips for keeping your car cool this summer. If you have any questions about your car service in Brisbane northside or for an obligation free quote, give us a call at Northside Auto, Everton Hills.