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Like last month, this month too we will be focusing on three new causes. When you book in for a service you will be asked to vote for one of the three causes. At the end of the month Northside Automotive will donate funds to the leading cause as voted by you.


Giving back to the community

Aspley House Fire

A woman and her partner were in a house fire in late January. They narrowly escaped the fire by jumping from a second story window. Sadly they lost their dog and a handful of pet birds. The home was badly damaged in the fire. The couple is now trying to get back on their feet and the woman’s sister is appealing to the community to help donate a small amount of money to assist them.

Here is the link to the charity page and you can read their full story here.



Giving back to the community

Jade – March Charity – Northside Automotive

Jade is a 17 year old girl with a rare condition called Arnold Chiari Malformation. He mother has quit her full-time job to become a carer for Jade and the family is struggling to make ends meet.
Jade also suffers from mental health issues, and is in a wheelchair. Life is quite a struggle but her story although very sad is one of hope.
Here is her charity page and you can read her full story here.



Giving Back to the Community

March Charity Cause – Northside Automotive

The Mitchelton Football Clun’s Premier Women’s team has been robbed! Not of a trophie, but of their soccer balls. The girls do us proud weekly and they need balls to continue their A game.
Here is their charity page for you to see.
Should you want to make a private donation, please do so by clicking on the charity page links above.