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Most modern vehicle are so reliable these days but checking under the bonnet for fluid levels and tyre pressures is critical for safety, reliability and saving money.

What are these fluids for?

These fluids are the life blood of different systems operating in your vehicle. Three of the main fluids (although there are others) are engine oil, brake fluid and radiator coolant.

The term “life blood” is important because you need to understand if any of them run out, the system they are the life blood for will cease to operate. That system failure will immediately raise issues of safety, reliability and also the cost to repair.

Most systems are interrelated. EG: If you lose all the coolant out of your radiator and keep driving, you will damage the engine (big money), all because of slow leaking radiator hose. Most of these systems have fluid reserves contained in the engine bay (under the bonnet). A person checking the fluids regularly will probably pick up the coolant level is dropping. That person gets the hose fixed or replaced. No more leaks, engine doesn’t blow up, money spent, but much more money saved. We can check those fluids for you and even show you how to check them yourself.


The story on tyres can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. It’s true that high temperature can accelerate wear on tyres, but the best way to combat that is to ensure your tyres are running at the correct pressure. Pressures are crucial to ensuring you get the most mileage you possibly can out of your tyres. We can check your tyre pressure, no problem.

If your car is not due for a service but you would like us to help you check your fluid levels under the bonnet and your tyre pressures just call us and let us know you’re on your way.

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