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We know you love your dog. But time and again we see people leaving their dogs unattended in your cars! No one wants to put a dog in danger, and to make sure you are not doing that, here are some safety tips to help you understand the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars:

dogs in hot cars

Cars can be a death trap for dogs

On an average sunny day in Brisbane, the temperature outside is an average of 32oC. Did you know that the temperatures inside a parked car can rise well above 43oC in about 10 minutes? And, six minutes is all that it takes for brain damage or a heat stroke to kick in, which can claim the life of your dog.

Some facts that you should know:

  • Cars are made of glass and metal, both heat up quickly and retain heat
  • Cars will heat up even if the windows are down
  • The back of a ute tray can get very hot very quickly
  • Leaving your car windows down with the car unattended is an offence in Queensland


Is it illegal to leave a dog unattended in a car?

While it is not an offence in QLD to leave an animal in the car, you could still be charged under Section (17) Breach of Duty of Care, or section (18) Animal Cruelty.  Animal cruelty carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison and a $110,000 fine. In 2014 RSPCA Queensland was successful in prosecuting for a dog that was to suffer in a hot car.

What to do if you see a dog in a car?

Most people who leave their pet unattended in a vehicle are unaware of the list to their pet’s life. Most pet owners would be devastated to find they had endangered their pet’s life.

The best thing to do to help is to spread the RSPCA message

If you do see an animal in danger take the car make and model and license plate and make a report to 1300 ANIMAL hotline

And remember it is always safest to leave your dog at home when you go out.