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car cleaning

Keeping your car clean is something we all aim to do. Although sometimes the water bottles just keep piling up and the dust gathers across the dash. At the moment, it is more important than ever to be keeping your car clean. Covid-19 is a strong and powerful virus that we need to not only be aware of but also be fighting again. Disinfecting your car and ensuring it is kept clean will help you to fight the virus and keep it at bay.

Check out our tips below on how to clean and disinfect your car during a pandemic.

Check your cleaning products

Before you go spraying the harshest chemicals you can find all over your car, make sure you check your car manual. Certain materials and surfaces may react with different chemicals causing spots, stains and burns in your car. Check the ingredients of the cleaning products and that they are safe to use.

Wear rubber gloves

When you decide to clean and disinfect your car, start by wearing rubber gloves. By wearing gloves you are putting a layer between you and the particles you are cleaning out of the car. These will help to stop the transmission of any bacteria onto you. Dispose of the gloves into the bin as soon as you are finished.

Do a pre-clean

For the really dirty areas of your car that may have sticky spots or stains, do a preclean on them. Use soap and water or a specialised car cleaning product on these areas first to remove the majority of the dirt from them. Then go over the whole interior with a microfibre cloth to remove the dust, crumbs and other small bits from it all.

Use sanitiser wipes

If you spent any time in the grocery stores during the pandemic you will know that sanitiser was hard to get a hold of. Now that it is back in the shops, grab yourself a pack of sanitizer wipes or spray sanitser with a cloth. Go through every section of the car with the wipes and give them a good clean. Get into all the hard to reach places including the cup holders and the air conditioner vents.

Clean glass with alcohol-based cleaners

Alcohol based cleaners may not be suitable for different interior materials but they are prefect for the glass on the car. Use paper towel with the cleaner and clean all the windows, radio screen and the dashboard screen. This not only helps clean and disinfect the areas but by using paper towel it should be left streak free.

Use a carpet cleaner

Disinfecting your car means covering all areas of the car, including the carpet. A vacuum is a great start but it is recommended to also give the carpets a good shampoo every now and again as well. Grab yourself a bottle of carpet cleaner and a scrubbing brush. You will be surprised at how good they come up.

Once you have finished disinfecting the car, make sure that all disposable items that you used including gloves and paper towel are put into a bag and straight into the bin. If you used cloths that you want to keep, put them on a hot wash in the washing machine with a disinfectant cleaner.

It may seem like a lot of work, but as the saying goes – it’s better to be safe than sorry.