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Does it seem that technology is about to throw a spanner into the future of the auto repairer. Wait a minute; will mechanics even need a spanner in the future? Self-parking and crash detection are some of the areas where modern cars are slated to take over and automatically do what we’ve been doing for so long. In 100 years, cars will be self-driving while we sit back, relax and munch on popcorn as videos stream on the built-in car screens.

Will cars self-repair too? What happens to a trade that has been built on hands-on-skills and vehicle knowledge for decades?

Will technology make the mechanic’s life easier or will it make us and this entire profession obsolete? Let’s dive in and see what the future looks for us.  

In the past, cars were manufactured in a way that made periodic servicing by mechanics necessary. Today, modern cars are more ‘computers on wheels’. Modern cars are capable of running self-checks displaying any issues on the dash for the driver.

Mechanics today not only use their old school skills but have the added responsibility of being ‘techies’ too. Sometimes it feels like we are programming software, not repairing cars. The quintessential image of the mechanic sliding under the hood to find out what is wrong is changing drastically. Technology helps understand the situation without even taking a peek. Not only do we undertake vocational training and gradual hands-on learning experience, mechanics must also keep up with frequent software training to be able to do their job today.

Going forward technology is slated to bring in a fresh wave of wireless software updates, with which cars can self-diagnose problems and update accordingly just like laptops and PCs. The next 5 years will bring in more change in the automobile industry than the last 50 years.

The change of roles from ‘mechanic’ to ‘technician’ means a string of great job opportunities. Working on advanced technology requires a certain qualification and prowess that comes with extensive training.

On the brighter side, popular belief indicates technological advancement will empower the car owner by helping them have a better understanding of their car problems.

So What Does the Future Look Like For Auto Mechanics?

With the advent of electric cars and smart vehicle technology, surely we can expect less and less servicing trips and hopefully fewer collisions. However, the days of the mechanic are not over, not even close.

We are still a long way off from that euphoric world of automated driving. There are still a large number of cars that need to be maintained and repaired. So find yourself a mechanic you trust and keep your car in a well maintained and safe condition. Give us a call (07) 3353 6939 for all service matters!