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With hundreds of car selling apps and websites on the go, buying a used car from a private seller seems to have a lot of perks. You can ditch the overhead charges and taxes, inspect at your own will and get it at a cheaper rate than most car dealers are likely to offer. But on the downside, these tempting deals are mostly at a disguise and can instead turn into a nightmare if you come across a dishonest car seller, which in the long run can put your ‘so-called’ investment into the drain.

Is it safe to buy used cars?

When buying a used car, it’s always a good idea to do a market survey first for the range and the model. Though used cars can be a boon for those who don’t have enough money to burn out their pockets at a go, you may have enough reasons to be sceptical about the entire process even if it sounds an easy and inexpensive affair.

Did you know? – A quarter million of Australians who want to buy used cars worry about the health and performance of the car even post-purchase.

The poor health of a used car can cost you more than half the cost of a new car! Yes, you read it right! Thus, trying to find a genuine private car seller can be quite challenging, however, you can always reach out, research, assess and conclude with the help of REVS Check.  It is quite simple too. You simply go to their website, enter the VIN, REGO number or Number Plate and instantly get the official Australian government REVS, NEVDIS and PPSR data on any vehicle across Australia for a nominal fee.

Never Rush While Buying a Used Car

A used car may absolutely look stunning in the ad pictures, or even in real, but remember there’s always a story to it. Before you give your hard-earned money to a stranger, think twice, get it checked by car experts and do through background research. About 12% of the private sellers cheat you through financial encumbrance. This is when a car has a loan out against it and it has yet to be paid off. Even if the person with the loan sells the car, the car is still collateral. For instance, if you buy a car from Mr. A, who is still using the car as collateral for a loan from a bank, then the bank can take the car from ‘you’, if Mr. A doesn’t clear off his dues.

Buyers also frequently discover some issues too late, such as damaged air conditioning, rusted car parts and issues with the heater, brakes, locks, power windows or electronic devices. Always remember that it’s your right to test drive the car and get it checked from trusted sources.

How can you stop yourself from being cheated?

Before buying a used car, it’s vital to get a comprehensive car history report to receive a detailed information of the vehicle you are intending to buy. It’s an easy process and the report includes details such as: Finance records (Encumbrance records, finance owning, secured party details, contact information), Vehicle details (VIN, Classification, Make, Model, Body type, Engine Number, Compliance Plate), Stolen Status Records, Registration info and Written-Off checks (inspections, collisions, flood/storm damage, repairable write-offs) and more.

After you analyze the report and find it all safe, you can send your local car mechanic, or someone from RACV if you are a member, to have a professional look over and a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

Once you get the green from both RevChecks and your mechanic, you are ready to bring that jazzy car home!

Until next time, drive safely ?