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brake and clutch repair

With heavy traffic that snakes along painfully slow, peak hour can drive us bonkers. Did you know that regular driving on backed up roads is one of the biggest causes of brake and clutch issues in cars?

Constant pressure created on the brakes due to starting and stopping on congested roads leads to major brake and clutch issues in cars. Every start, stop or even change of gear brings about an engagement for the clutch. This causes enough friction between the clutch disc, the flywheel and the pressure plate to cause heat and wear. Naturally, the hotter the clutch gets, the faster it wears.

Brake Lines, Drive Shaft and Tyres

The brake pads are lubricated for smooth operation by the proficient transfer of brake fluid through the brake lines. These lines start wearing due to the excessive on and off during peak hour traffic. As the brake lines wear down, the brake fluid starts leaking potentially causing a failure of the brakes. This is why; during servicing the brake fluid is always checked for leakage and refilled accordingly.

The ball in the socket of the drive shaft starts moving and eventually wears down the shaft with frequent braking. When the drive shaft starts wearing, you might experience weird vibrations along with rattling and scraping noises coming from underneath the car. These are the first signs of a worn down drive shaft – the instrument that transfers torque from the engine to the wheels.

When a car brakes, the tyres do not stop moving immediately. The tyres roll on for a few moments even after you press the brake pedal. Over time, this movement can cause damage to your tyres and hence you need to get them inspected every once in a while.

Clutch Issues

All clutches can handle a certain amount of torque, but an increase of load on the clutch will automatically lead to wear and tear. This can happen due to heavy actions like towing or hauling loads on a truck or even unnecessary spinning of the tires.

Larger vehicles and high performance cars have higher capacity clutches but the rating of the clutch depends on application, power output of the engine and the type of driving associated.

The condition of the flywheel is also important for smooth clutch operation. If the flywheel is not clean enough, flat or free of cracks, immediate replacement is advised.

Commuters inching along heavy traffic on a basis are encouraged to book a regular car service to sort any brake and clutch issues before they get worse. For any queries or booking requirements, give us a call (07) 3353 6939.