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best rated car tyres

Most of the major global tyre companies have been around for longer than a century and they have a good grasp on the pulse of the market. To remain competitive they need to consistently come up with a product that meets the market at the right price point, provides safety and stability and enhances fuel efficiency.

As a car owner, it helps to understand what the tyre companies are offering and how that fits into your budget. A little bit of information goes a long way and helps you as the consumer to narrow down from the hundreds of products available in the market.

Whether it is environmentally-friendly, high-performing, strong and hardy or just plain decently priced, know your tyres before making a purchase.

Car tyres can be reviewed against each other on the basis of durability, value for money, handling of rough terrains and your own satisfaction.

Here’s the breakdown of the top rated tyre companies in 2019.


In the year 1889, a French tyre company initiated the effort to manufacture a bicycle tyre that would not have to be glued to the rim of the wheel. This company is one of the oldest in the world and has become quite a global conglomerate branching out to manufacture several other components apart from tyres. Despite being the oldest, Michelin remains unbeaten in innovation and is producing tyres for more than 100 countries.

Particularly known for producing eco-conscious and fuel saving tyres, you can pick from various ranges that cater to differing price brackets.


An American industry heavyweight, Goodyear started off in 1898 making bicycle and carriage tyres. Stats declare that they have been a top contributor to F1 despite having last been involved as long ago as 1998!

Goodyear has had a reputation for being Number one in the US making over $AU21.5 billions in annual turnovers. They have had quite a reputation with NASA using their tyres for vehicles that ran on the moon for the first time.


They are a reputed Japanese brand, hot favourites in Australia as they’ve been winning the Readers’ Digest award for ‘Most Trusted Tyre Brand’ six years in a row!

They have a presence in over 150 countries and has been a contributor to F1 in the late 90s till 2010. Their production covers a rather wide range that includes the finest racing car tyres to the most basic economy tyres as well. It is important to note that despite being one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies globally, their products are quite budget friendly.

Bob Jane

If you prefer Australian companies, this one is perfect for you. Named after the popular motorist Bob Jane, this company is a go-to brand for good quality economy tyres. They are especially preferred for their Road Hazard Warranty, which can be bought for an additional charge and covers you from punctures, cuts and other road related damages.


This is an Italian company renowned for sponsoring a number of motorsports events. Pirelli is famous for its Noise Cancelling System that claims to reduce the engine’s noise while in motion, along with the innovative Seal-Inside Technology that lets one keep on driving even with a puncture. Being a company that produces heavy performance-oriented tyres, it is quite pricey to get the Pirelli tyres – the most expensive ones can cost up to $1500 apiece. Needless to say, when you go for a product that is as highly priced, you are guaranteed a satisfying value for money deal.


Continental is a 150-year-old German company that is popular for manufacturing good quality premium tyres as well as other products like braking systems, tachographs, powertrains, auto electronics and chassis components etc. They say if you get a Continental tyre, you can trust your wheels to be in top shape battling out different terrains with classic German technology that can be relied on with closed eyes.

These auto giants own a number of local brands and operate through them in countries such as the US, Russia and EU. They have recently acquired Kmart Tyre and Auto Service in Australia.

Having in-depth knowledge about the best-rated tyres in the market can be of immense help to car owners. However, like always, we would recommend you drop in for a chat here with a car mechanic at Northside Automotive if you have any questions, or would like a quote on a new set of tyres. We’re always here to help!