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Lemon with your Carona (virus)?

Lemon with your Carona (virus)? Over the last few weeks we have seen strange panic and behaviour from our fellow Aussies. Panic over supplies running dry has caused stockpiling of essential goods with supermarket shelves stripped bare. It seems that nothing is...


Experienced Mechanical Position Are you looking for a change? Then This Could Be The Job For You!. Eacott Nominees have a mechanical workshops on the Northside. Located in Everton Hills, called Northside Automotive Services. The business is a family owned and operated...

Changing your windscreen wipers

Believe it or not, there is a right way to fit windscreen wiper blades. It’s all to do with the anchor point, which on this dial is that and on these others, it’s a recess in the dial. If you have the anchor point in the wrong spot, on the wider sweep of your wiper...

Road Trip Car Safety and Care

Get the wheels rolling on your next road trip with these must-do car service checks

Hi, Pete here from Northside Automotive with some safety tips for those of you who are planning to take your car on a road trip.

Driving is a great way to travel, but a fun holiday can quickly turn into a nightmare if there’s a problem with your car. Here are a few easy ways to avoid getting stranded on those remote back country roads, and to make sure that your car will get you safely to your destination.